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If you have just had one or more fillings, you may experience some thermal sensitivity, particularly to cold. This should sabside over a few days or weeks. Dentist Apopka Maas Dental post careAny sensitivity that is more severe than just “mild”, may indicate a more serious condition, please call and make an appointment to check it promptly. Often, when decay reaches the pulp (nerve) of the tooth (lan exposure) we try a “direct pulp cap”, sometimes allowing the pulp to heal itself. Nevertheless, this sometimes leads to the need of a root canal treatment, particularly if the pulp was infected by the decay. Any pin build-up or exceedingly large filling should have a crown (cap) placed over it as soon as possible.

Try not to chew on the side you have new fillings for 24 hours. It takes this long for the silver amalgam filling to gain maximum strength. However, continue to brush and floss normally. Your gums may be slightly sore, but don’t let this deter you from practicing good home care.

Post Surgical Instruction

  1. Bite firmly on moist gauze following surgery. Change the gauze every 30 minutes for two hours. If bleeding persists bite on a moist tea bag.
  2. Do NOT drink any alcoholic or carbonated beverages for 3 days. Do NOT use tobacco in any form for 3 days. Also, avoid any strenuous physical exertion for on day.
  3. Do NOT rinse your mouth with anything for one day. 24 hours after the surgery start using a warm salt water rinse. Stir one teaspoon of salt into a glass of warm water and rinse gently. Do this 4 times per day for 5 days. Brush and floss all other time as you normally would.
  5. Proper diet is important. Drink plenty of liquids and juices (avoid carbonation). You will probably feel more comfortable eating soft foods for several days. however you may eat regular foods when comfortable.
  6. Following difficult extractions or impactions some swelling is expected. To minimize the swelling, place ice pack on the side of face where the surgery was done for 6 hours (20 minutes on / 20 minutes off). If you have an excessive bleeding, pain, fever or other severe problem please call the office immediately.

Temporary Crown Instructions

If you have just had one of more temporary crowns placed for a brief period, it has been placed as a provisional. This is to prevent movement of adjacent teeth and reduce sensitivity during the time it takes out dental lab to fabricate your restoration. Keep in mind that the temporary crown will in no way reflect on the feel or appearance of the lab made restoration.

Dentist Apopka - Mass DentalFollowing some simple instructions will help improve the bond of the temporary cement that has been used. Please avoid chewing on the side where the temporary crown was placed. In addition, avoid sticky and hard/crunchy foods. Flossing is best accomplished by tying a knot in the floss and pulling it down between the teeth then back out gently toward the cheek rather than back up. In the event the temporary should come off, a little dab of Chapstick or Carmex lip balm placed inside the temporary then gently pushed over the preparation can help hold it in place till you can call our office during business hours.

Warm salt water rinses 2-3 times daily will optimize healing of the surrounding gum tissue. This will ensure less sensitivity during crown delivery appointment.

Please keep in mind that slight thermal sensitivity is normal during your phase of temporization. However you should report any extreme temperature sensitivity, throbbing or adding discomfort for further evaluation.

Root Canal Therapy

If you have just had root canal therapy, you may experience some tenderness. This is expected and may last a few days or weeks. Make sure to take any medications as prescribed. Should you have swelling, fever or severe pain, please call the office promptly.

The temporary filling placed in the tooth will break down quickly and therefore requires a more stable restoration. It may requite a build-up or post. The treated tooth should have a crown (cap) placed over it to restore stability, shape and esthetics (appearance).


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