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Esthetic Crowns

As we age, our teeth age also. Over time, decay, fillings, trauma or even normal chewing habits can cause teeth to break down or lose strength. A dental crown is tooth-shaped cap that is permanently cemented over a tooth. A porcelain crown can also be used to replace a discolored or badly shaped tooth or protect a tooth that has had a root canal. A new porcelain crown is necessary when the need arises to replace an old, worn down or defective crown. Porcelain crowns closely resemble the color and appearance of teeth and so are considered to be the most aesthetic option.

Two Cosmetic Dentistry visits are usually required to install a crown. Your dentist will first need to prepare the tooth by grinding or shaping it so that the crown can be fitted over it. Then an impression is made of the tooth and surrounding gums which is sent to a dental laboratory where your custom crown is created, just for you. You’ll be fitted with a temporary crown until the permanent one is ready. At your second visit your dentist removes the temporary crown and cements the finished, permanent crown in place. Crowns generally last about 5-8 years however with good hygiene may last even longer. Be aware that actions including fingernail biting, chewing ice, and grinding teeth can do damage to the crown, and should be avoided.

Cosmetic Bonding

Bonding restores beauty and functionality to the teeth and teeth with flaws such as chips or stains can be repaired. It can also fill a narrow area that previously created a space between teeth. Bonding will leave your teeth stronger, smile brighter and our confidence higher. While, like most restorative dental services, bonding may need to be treated or replaced at a future date, it will typically last for many years for that is necessary.

The bonding process applies a composite tooth-colored material directly to the tooth which is then hardened with a special light. The desired result can be achieved in only one appointment. Bonding may be used to:

  • Change the shape of teeth
  • Close spaces between teeth
  • Repair decay in teeth
  • Repair chips or cracks in teeth
  • Cosmetic improvement
  • Protection of sensitive teeth

Porcelain Veneers

Requiring little to no anesthesia, veneers are a great way to remedy cosmetic imperfections such as chips, stains or gaps between the teeth. Porcelain veneers are thin shells of ceramic material that are placed over the natural tooth surface, restoring your smile’s appearance. They are customized to fit the size, shape and color of your teeth and are designed to mimic the natural translucency of the tooth’s enamel so they look and feel like your natural teeth. Veneers blend artistry and science as your dentist will select veneers that compliment your other teeth, facial features and personality.



From the creators of Invisalign®,  Realine treatment is a straightforward, five-step, virtually invisible aligner system. The Realine system is designed specifically to correct minor orthodontic and cosmetic issues such as small gaps and minor crowding, leaving you with a straighter, happier smile, without the cost and discomfort of traditional braces.

Teeth Whitening

As we age, our teeth naturally darken. Other aspects of our daily lives can also lead to staining including regular drinking of coffee, tea, colas or other staining food or drinks. One of the most popular ways to enhance your smile and improve the appearance of your teeth is teeth whitening.  Research and clinical studies show that under the supervision of your dentist, chair-side teeth whitening with carbamide peroxide and/or hydrogen peroxide is safe for both teeth and gums. There are also take-home kit options which will gradually brighten your smile over a few weeks. Ask your dentist about all your whitening options!

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